Our Digestate is a certified PAS110 End of Waste material that is a nitrogen rich fertiliser and soil conditioner.

To ensure there are no contaminants in the digestate it is screened to remove all particles larger than 2mm in diameter. This Whole Digestate meets the PAS110 end of waste requirements.

We also separate our Whole Digestate into two fractions, Separated Fibre and Separated Liquor. A centrifuge is used to separate these by spinning at high speeds which separates the denser material from the liquid.

It is currently leaving the site for use as a soil conditioner in the horticultural industry and is also being utilised by local farmers in the area as a replacement to chemical/synthetic fertiliser. The material has excellent NPK values, and provides a readily available organic source of nutrients. Most local farmers have not needed the use of chemical fertiliser due to the use of our digestate.

“The digestate fertiliser from Granville Ecopark has provided us with lush green grass which has been the envy of all my neighbours. The ground soaks the fertiliser up quickly and produces speedy results. I have recommended this to all of my friends, as I no longer require the use of chemical fertiliser. This product has saved me a lot of money this year.” Bernard O’Neill 15/09/17, Farmer, Co. Tyrone