A Circular Economy approach is one designed to eliminate waste in our businesses and society as a whole.

By applying this thinking to manufacturing processes and more, we not only create a more environmentally friendly world, but we can achieve more cost-effective practice.

At Granville Eco Park & Granville Energy Supply we are proud to make a Circular Economy vision a reality for our customers. We have worked closely with businesses across the country, helping them achieve their very own Sustainable ‘Smart Loop’.

Through innovation and sustainability, our services remove waste and pollution, keeping resources in use continually – we are proud to be championing and enabling this model in N.Ireland and beyond.


Smart Loop Example A

A customer sends us their food waste resource; we convert this into a fuel and transport it back to power their generators and food manufacturing process, creating their own renewable electricity. The circle then begins again utilising a Smart Loop of renewables.

Smart Loop Example B

Customers in food production may use suppliers that grow crops and fresh food. By linking us to their suppliers to deliver our organic fertiliser to increase their yields, reduce the use of chemical fertiliser and in turn save money, this ultimately creates a Smart Loop of resources – extra bonus when the fertiliser is delivered with a Biomethane fuelled vehicle.

Smart Loop Example C

Another customer bringing food waste to us, refuels their lorry with our Biomethane Fuel created by their food waste – another sustainable loop is created, including a Carbon Negative vehicle on our roads.

With consumers becoming increasingly environmentally conscious, innovation and adopting sustainable practices is more important than ever to ensure a competitive advantage for the future. Meeting sustainability targets doesn’t have to mean adding cost, our Smart Loop can offer amazing savings and benefits for your business.

Get in Touch and Find Out how you could achieve a ‘Smart Loop’ with us today.