Lakeland Dairies is a farmer owned Irish dairy co-operative. Each year collecting and processing over 1.8 billion litres of milk. They have a commitment to operate as a sustainable, efficient, customer focused Dairy Co-Op, delivering prosperity to their farmers and community of stakeholders.

Their Foodservice division, Pritchitts, is an innovative manufacturer, with a large production site in Newtownards, Co.Down.

The company have a commitment towards sustainability and reducing impact on the environment, including the management of power for their manufacturing process and food waste management.

“In 2017, we partnered with Granville Eco Park, with the view to a make an existing 1.2 MWe CHP engine on site, more environmentally sustainable.” Pritchitts Environmental and Sustainability Manager, Ed Wright explains.

“Originally solely fuelled by natural gas from the grid, the Granville Eco Park team successfully implemented a dual fuelling of this engine, introducing their renewable Biomethane, derived from our food waste. The team regularly deliver this fuel to our site, allowing us to reduce our environmental impact. 77% of the total fuel source for the engine in 2019 was Biomethane.”

The sites use of Biomethane began in June 2017, with the new supply set up allowing a smooth transition between the two fuel sources – an important feature as their process runs 24hrs a day.

“Due to fact we send the food waste from our manufacturing process to the Anaerobic Digestion process, this use of their Biomethane fuel in our process has enabled us to create a Sustainable ‘Smart Loop’ and incorporate a Circular Economy approach in our operations.

Ed continued, “Plus as Granville Eco Park’s engine support team have direct view to the engine’s running & diagnostics system, we have the reassurance that if any potential issues occur these can be spotted by their team and reacted to accordingly.”

At Granville Eco Park & Granville Energy Supply we are proud to be able to work with Pritchitts in establishing their very own ‘Smart Loop’. Through our sustainable products & services we enable our customers to reduce their costs and environmental impact, reaching their sustainability targets.

Adopting a Circular Economy approach is finally accessible and straight forward with our Smart Loop, leading to a host of benefits for your business and the future.

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