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Making Improvements Together

We believe that working as a team to advance and improve is key to success in all areas of our company.

Regular opportunities for input and ideas from staff on all levels ensure plans, big and small, are not just heard and forgotten about but can be co-ordinated and followed through successfully. It is this attitude we see as a valuable asset to ensure we achieve our aims and explore all opportunities for the company into the future.

Making Our Future Sustainable

Renewable Energy. Alternative Fuel. Smart Loop. Circular Economy. Recycling and Recovery. Biodiversity and Education. Challenging, enhancing and protecting environmental sustainability is at the core of our operations.

As market leaders within the Anaerobic Digestion sector in Ireland, we create renewable products from valuable resources and, through our ‘Smart Loop‘ Capabilities, actively enable a Circular Economy society. We seek to use innovative thinking and new technologies to achieve and improve on best practice in food waste management, exploring new opportunities to create a sustainable future for Northern Ireland.

Making It Safe

Our thorough health and safety policies and procedures are crucial to ensuring safety for everyone on site. We maintain a company culture that holds this in top priority. Our Team keep their finger on the pulse, whether it’s identifying areas for change or improvement, and overseeing these as necessary, or the latest training within our bespoke H&S awareness programme. Everyone on site is responsible for H&S.

We are proud to be the first Anaerobic Digestion (AD) plant in the UK to achieve certification under the AD Certification Scheme (ADCS), an industry-led initiative that recognises good operational, environmental, and health and safety performance at Anaerobic Digestion plants.

Making It Happen

A proactive team and company ethos is how we set about achieving our goals and vision for the future. We create this not only through recruiting the right people and entrusting staff to take initiative but by fostering an engaged, happy and motivated workforce.

From innovations on our site and industry achievements, to supporting staff wellbeing and company culture; working together to pursue opportunities for development in all areas, on an ongoing basis, will help us foster an excellent workplace and business growth.

All four of these Values must be achieved in tandem to ensure our growth and success into the future.

Our Departments

 Engineering (Chemical, Electrical, Mechanical, Software)       Operations       Maintenance       Performance       Administration       Marketing       HR       H&S       Compliance

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