One of our very own team members, Hannah Fergie, has earned a place on the Dean’s List for her academic performance in her final year of University. The award list is designed to give special recognition to students who consistently scored high marks throughout an academic year.

Hannah graduated from Ulster University Magee in July 2018 with a BEng in Renewable Energy Engineering, with first class honours, and was part of only the second set of students to ever study the innovative course.

Learning about the AD (Anaerobic Digestion) process during her university studies and furthering this knowledge in her work experience year, Hannah’s first contact with Granville was during the writing of her dissertation. Hannah reached out for help on her chosen topic, focused around the conversion of Biogas to Biomethane, and our Technical Director, David McKee provided his guidance and expertise on the subject.

Joining us in September 2018, Hannah’s responsibilities as Asset Engineer range from assisting with mechanical maintenance and operating our plant systems, to contractor management, purchasing and future reliability tracking.

With a 2017 survey indicating that only 11% of engineers in the UK are female, Hannah is part of a demographic that is significantly unrepresented in the industry. Plus, it has been found that the UK needs to significantly increase the number of people with engineering skills overall with one report in 2014 putting the annual shortfall of STEM skills at 40,000.

When it comes to advice she would give to those thinking of pursuing a career in engineering Hannah says, “Go for it, you’ve no reason not to”. She also suggests not to let a lack of hands on experience deter anyone from choosing an engineering degree:

“A lot of people in my class were from farming backgrounds which wasn’t the case for me. I enjoyed studying Maths and Art in school and I loved designing new things and using software like AutoCad and SolidWorks.” She continues, “During my course we were constantly designing and making things… our course director got a lot of positive feedback from employers about the way we had been taught because it was very hands on.”

The option to switch to another engineering course was available during her studies but Hannah’s interest in renewables led her to stay with her chosen degree. Hannah is in fact not the first in her family to choose a career in the renewables industry as her mum worked for B9 Energy for many years.

Hannah is a prime example that hard work and the right training is what it takes to excel in engineering. Congratulations to Hannah from all of the team on your fantastic achievement and enjoy your deserved place as a ‘Dean’s Lister’!

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