We added another stage to our process and sister company Granville Energy Supply was born.

By upgrading excess ‘Biogas’ from our food waste process, Granville Energy Supply (GES) became the first company in Ireland to produce and transport ‘Biomethane Fuel’.

This Sustainable “Fuel of The Future” is now replacing fossil fuels for our business customers, powering their manufacturing processes, factories and more.

Our specially designed trailers mean our Biomethane Fuel is mobile, enabling full accessibility and delivery to customers.

To produce our Biomethane, the Biogas enters our PureGas system where it is cleaned to remove carbon dioxide, by a process of chemical absorption.

The technology used in this process is so efficient that our end product can contain more than 99% methane, and is suitable for use as vehicle fuel via our onsite fuelling point.

Plus, as Biomethane is compatible with natural gas engines and appliances, it can be ready to use with minimal disruption.

Some of GES’s customers receiving Biomethane to power their sites are also sending their food waste to our AD food waste process, making a ‘Smart Loop’ of recovery and regeneration.

Did you know, we use Biomethane to fuel our 2 maintenance vans (and very soon 2 brand new company lorries!).

Thanks to our new user-friendly on-site Fuel Point, our Biomethane is now available for transport customers, equipt to supply the steadily growing number of CNG vehicles on our roads.