Granville Energy Supply (GES) is a Transportable Renewable energy company and is the sister company of Granville EcoPark, Northern Ireland and Ireland’s largest Anaerobic Digestion facility.

GES is currently the market leader in Northern Ireland and Ireland in the production and trading of Biomethane, and was the first company in Ireland to produce this fuel and transport it. The Biomethane is transported across Northern Ireland to power various Combined Heat and Power (CHP) units using our specially designed trailers. The company also fuels maintenance vehicles with the Biomethane as an alternative to fossil fuels.

Some of GES’s customers receiving Biomethane to power their plant are also sending their food waste to the Anaerobic Digestion process, making a closed loop of recovery and regeneration. At Granville, we strive to produce renewable energy but also create valuable products from our process. Now that this energy is mobile, we are no longer restricted in terms of uses for the energy.

Energy generated from biogas is ultra-low carbon. Typically producing significantly less than 50g CO2/kWh, it easily meets the Committee on Climate Change’s target for the carbon intensity of the electricity grid. Biomethane is one of the few low-carbon alternatives to natural gas, and when used as a transport fuel achieves significant environmental and cost savings compared to diesel in HGVs, buses and other vehicles, while also playing an important role in improving air quality in towns and cities.

A small portion of the gas is used to fuel our Maintenance vehicles, however we see this as the key growth sector for this renewable fuel in the coming years, as the Government moves away from dirty fuels like diesel, and looks to cleaner fuels like Biomethane.

“The Department for Transport (UK) reforms will obligate fuel suppliers to provide 9.75% of all fuels from renewable sources by 2020 a doubling of the current 4.75% obligation that will then rise to 12.4% of all fuels by 2032. *CIWM”