For years people have been dumping waste into landfill sites or incinerators which, over time, has been damaging the environment with harmful gasses and pollution. But we have an environmentally friendly solution to this. When your waste is taken to our plant it enters our Anaerobic Digestion process which turns your food waste into a biogas and a Fertiliser called Digestate.

By using our high tech system we create electricity from the Biogas produced which sustains our whole plant and even powers some of our company electric cars! But the majority is put into the national grid for you to use in your homes and businesses such as factories and food producers.

These factories may also use crops/food grown by the farmers who use our nutrient rich, certified Fertiliser, on their agricultural land.

Food that is produced and sold in many of your local retailers is then bought by you and although we know it is in everyone’s best intentions to not waste any food, it is sometimes unavoidable, and therefore our recycling process starts all over again.

We then added another system to our process to make even more use of the waste sent to us. At Granville Energy Supply we can now convert the Biogas into a green fuel called Biomethane. This fuel is being transported across N.Ireland to create sustainable electricity for companies including food producers. Not only are we creating renewable energy across the country but we even power our own vehicles using the Biomethane. We envisage a future of Bin Lorries and buses running on the fuel created by your food waste.

The process producing the Biomethane also provides us with another surprisingly useful product, CO2!  We hope to bottle this and send to customers such as food producers throughout the UK and Ireland.